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Prince for a Day by MWaters Prince for a Day by MWaters
another delicious exotic man for your enjoyment! lol I love all the Disney cartoons for various reasons, mostly because there's a sexy main character in just about every one of them! And someone in the D club pointed out that Aladdin is one of the few that has a male protagonist, so he's the odd "man" out here xD I guess that makes him speshul hur hur

I'm attracted to almost any cartoon character, but I had the crazy idea to draw Aladdin, not really sure why. I just got a sudden craving and then went on an oddessy through DA and y gallery. I haven't seen any of the movies after the first one, so I don't know who the heck that Mozenrath guy is, except that he's constantly paired with Al. And well...Moz is a bad guy, extremely pretty and fancy and apparently also a prince, so that's like slash heaven for me.

This is a copy of a screenshot I found here: [link]

only I added a bit of my own style and semi-realistic touches. One change was not drawing bee!Genie. lol sorry, I didn't feel like it.
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MWaters Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
aww I've never read the Hunchback book. Normally I love books compared to movies, but I'll take your word on it! lol I wanna cry when the movies fuck up the books, though.
jossujb Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I just on't really like books that are longs as the bibble and don't have anything interesting happening in them. God, I much rather read good Russian classics than anything from Victor Hugo again, Notre Dame was such a dull book.

Whren ever original is changed o better in the movie version I'm happy about it. There is many of good examples around really. But few very bad ones spoil the whole genre almost, I'm always worried to see movie made from book, they often end up being bad. But well, it's not a rule^^
MWaters Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
I can read a long book as long as it's interesting, and there are a lot of classics out there that are intimidating as hell, but I want to read it. Like you mentioned Russian classics, well I have started and abandoned the Brothers Karamazov like a million times, but I do want to read it.

but I'll make sure to steer clear of Notre Dame! haha

I can't hink of any examples of changes for the better, but I know of some, too. At the very least, in the Disney movies the main characters never die, so we might see them agian in another movie! lol
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March 13, 2010
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