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Young Thorki by MWaters Young Thorki by MWaters
"Brother, not here! Someone might see us!"

"Let them see."

:iconwantplz: soooo guess who just watched Tales of Asgard????

I had to change a few things, though. Call me a purist, but Loki having brown hair irked me. It's just more dramatic and beautiful black. Not to say I'm hating on any possible hair color that exists, I just like for Loki's to be black.

ok I really can't complain about ToA because it was made for kids, and it was fun, and there were a lot of really funny bits ("Cheer up or we'll make you go sit with the Greeks!"), but there were things I didn't like. Like having two of Loki's children show up, while Loki himself is not even grown up? Come on, guys. I get it, Sleipnir looks badass, but any kid who might be interested in that looks it up...well. There goes continuity out the fucking window.

And the animation was so choppy! argh so frustrating. I liked the art, and right now I'm in a severe cartoon kick (can you tell?), but I have high standards, I guess. I mean Sponge Bob is more fluid and easy on the eyes. I just get the feeling that the people who make these things think, oh this is just for kids. Why bother.

I dunno...I can't expect Don Bluth quality in a movie like this, but I still cry myself to sleep when I don't get it.

so whatever. I can still be inspired and draw my own cartoony scenes. Here they're transitioning in ages, getting close to their maturity level in Thor. I just can't draw Thor without facial hair, I just can't. It's far too fun, and normally I'm not a facial hair person. But when it works, it really works. And come on, one of my favorite things about Thorki is how it must feel for Loki to have Thor rub his beard across his chin <8D

characters belong to Marvel
prismacolor markers, fixed up in Ps
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Cookie-Lovey Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
but... they're Brothers, or? :o
Kereea Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, Loki was young. Maybe his hair got darker as he got older (yes, that's my explanation--after all, it's supposed to be the prequel for the Avengers cartoon, and his hair is black there).

This is so cute!
MWaters Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
That's a good possible explanation! And if he hadn't been taken by Odin and allowed to live, well he wouldn't have any hair at all so black vs. brown at this point is kind of moot. I just personally really love black hair and the fact that it is one of those trademark attributes given to Loki in almost every film/artwork/whatever that features him. Just like Thor will always have a beard lol

thank you!
Draconicat Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012
This is delightful! I love the pose and their expressions and your dialogue for them, and they both look GOOD!
MWaters Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
thanks so much!
jossujb Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah, I watched that thing too^^ Art-style wasn't really for me... Iäm not sure what it was, it just loked a lot of modern American cartoons that have slight anime-like thing going on... well, nothing agains any style, you could say it it was Disneyesque, but still. Felt a bit weird. But I'm out of age-range, so I don't think I have much room to criticize. But it had really good moments! I also enjoyed funny bits <3 Animation was a bit chunky, but that's what get from straight-to-video (um DVD nowadays right xD) movies.

Hee, I like your take on things better. You also have Diesney-feel to it, but in a classical sense... if you know what I mean. Before year 2000-kind of stuff. Loki is so cute when he's being shy <3
MWaters Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
oh exactly. I really didn't like the anime influence to it, but it wasn't too bad. I thought their young Thor was actually very cute, and at least they got the characters' personalities pretty spot on. And it was nice to see Sif doing stuff and being cool and conflicted, and the Valkyrie training camp was pretty damn awesome!

do you know who that female sorcerer who was training Loki was? I had never seen her before. And the DVD had an extra Avengers episode, and that lady was there again, but this time was more submissive to Loki. hmm. Oh well, my Marvel ignorance, let me you show you it.

I think I've decided, esp. with all those fanfics I've done (and I've got another one almost done!) that if I'm going to do Thor and Loki fanstuff, it will be mostly inspired by mythology, rather than Marvel. Like for example, the Asgard in Marvel, as shown in this movie, is pretty much a floating island. uh..wut? I dont' like that. The old myths set their stories on Earth, pretty much. Or Earth like conditions. And well, I love how Nature based they are, and I'd rather tell a story like that in a world that has the same moon I'm used to, the same forests, etc. I really love ancient mythology, paganism, everything related to that, and all that is kind of destroyed in Marvel. Not that I'm complaining, it has to be adapted into the larger comics world. But I guess I'm just not interested in that.

So pretty much I want to imagine the characters to look the way they do in the movies, maybe steal a few details here and there, and I like to imagine them interacting with the other Avengers, but beyond that, nahh.

thank you! The Disney look is def what I was going for. There's a really great tumblr blog called Feminist Disney. She loves Disney, but she writes a lot of articles that critique the movies, and discuss the feminist and racial issues. Well, there are a lot of severe issues with Disney, but it's too complicated to just say I hate it. I have a love/hate relationship with it lol. But at least with the animation and the art, I'm all on board for that! Though the Disney Renaissance is where it's at, like you said. Don Bluth <33333 Well I prefer when he left Disney, but you kow what I mean. Sadly there aren't that many animation giants for us the US to turn to. If you want to stick with non-anime inspired, that is. And i dont' wish to hate on a style, either. All styles are valid and beautiful in their own way. And there are some anime styles I like, but for the most part, I really don't. I adore anything Studio Ghibli, though! Oh! I watched The Secret World of Arrietti...I think that's what it's called? oohhh so lovely! And sad ;___;
jossujb Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't watch it that carefully to notice if that sorcerer was some known character or just made. All I can say is that I can't remember her from anything.

I can definitely agree on all those ideas <3 I love all things folklore (naturally duh), and it's fun to mix them with other things. Sometimes I feel comics and movies etc. often disgard loads of interesting ideas they could use by just taking names and places and doing whatever. New interpretations are cool and engouraged, but often it feels like nothing is used. All love for your future mythology/Marvel fics <3

Oh, that sounds an interesting blog, I might go and check it out. I may have said this before, but my main problem with Disney is more or less just Little Mermaid, as the very point of the story is different than it's original. But other than that I'm usually quite OK with Disney... well, if you actively forget al those "suquels" and stuff with which they whore their brand.

Studio Ghibli is love <3 Most people like Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke best, but I have such an soft sport for their kid-film. Ponyo <3 And Arrietty was such an lovely adaptation of familiar story <3
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